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You are already sure of yourself and you have the drawing or the photo of your tattoo: you can send us an e-mail by being the most precise when you make an appointment via this form.

Here is the information we need :

  • your name and surname
  • your phone number
  • your project as detailed as possible
  • size in centimeters
  • a photo of the location on your body
  • inspiring photos or photos of our creations that inspire you

We will get back to you as soon as possible with an appointment propositon and an approximate price. All prices indicated are for information only and are not contractual. They do not imply a final agreement on the price, which will be agreed the same day with the tattoo artist.

You will discover the drawing of your tattoo on the day and you will have time to discuss with the artist until the final validation of your project.

Each of our tattoo artists offers “flash” tattoos, highlighting their creativity & intended to be done only once.

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Go to www.dafont.com, you will find a lot of typographies classified according to different categories (classics, manuscripts…).

Vegan = no animal components, nor tested on animals. Therefore our products do not contain shellac, animal black, animal gelatin, animal glycerin, beeswax or wool wax. Don’t worry, a vegan tattoo has the same color and ages the same way as a non-vegan tattoo.

Non. La crème va détendre/dilater les pores de la peau et l’encre du tatouage risque de pas tenir.

Yes, from 16 years old but we ask parents to sign a parental authorization form and a copy of their identity card.

The price depends on the project and is determined on a case-by-case basis. The factors that define it are the design, details, size, location, black or color. All prices shown are for information only and are not contractual. They do not imply a final agreement on the price, which will be agreed upon the same day with the tattoo artist.

A flash is a drawing straight out of the tattoo artist’s imagination and intended to be tattooed only once. Tattoo artists’ books are available at the salon or on their Instagram page.

Do you tattoo fingers? What is your opinion?
Yes, we can tattoo your fingers but you should be aware that tattoos on this area may drool and fade more easily due to rubbing. You will need to have it touched up several times and it may thicken over time.

No, the tattooist will only start the design after agreeing on the project with you. To block the appointment, a deposit of 50 euros will be required and will be deducted from the total amount. On the D-day, the tattooist will present you the drawing and you will be able to modify it together if necessary.

You can have an appointment fairly quickly. Usually within two/three weeks of your request.

Yes, but we need the artist’s agreement beforehand to be able to tattoo you with one of his creations.

No because we use disposable material and we would have to prepare everything as we would for a full tattoo.

We don’t do tattoo removal and we don’t have any particular place to recommend but if you wish to cover it and it is possible, we can do it.

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