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In a few words...

In 2018, the Ballestero sisters challenge themselves to open a tattoo studio that combines relaxation, discussion and attention. Beyond being a cosy tattoo studio where life is good, the Tattoo Studio Because attracts attention for its vegan values. Josh and Ubay join the team as resident artists with complementary styles and techniques. 

Looking for new challenges, the sisters decided a year ago to leave the studio in the hands of Ubay. Since then, the team has grown to make Because an ever more welcoming and creative tattoo studio, constantly looking for new things to offer its community a unique and memorable experience!

The values of Because

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A freedom of style, an open-mindedness. Whether you want your tattoo out of love, out of a life course or just like that, without having to build or explain the reason.

Experienced and complementary tattoo artists committed to working only with vegan inks and creams.

We exclusively use vegan inks and sell in our concept store, local products that are respectful of the environment and people.

Plagiarism is a major problem in the artistic field, that’s why Because’s artists do not accept a request when the drawing has been made by another artist, unless they have a written and signed agreement.

Meet the team!

Tatoueur Junk&Jail | Tattoo Studio Because | Bruxelles

Ubay Martin

Ubay began to be interested in the world of tattooing in 1996, and more particularly in stick and poke for three years. He then immersed himself in the artistic world to discover visual art, contemporary art, performance, cinema and theatre. In 2015, his passion for tattooing took over and Junk&Jail decided to make it his daily life. The hand poke brings him an oasis of calm and balance that he has found nowhere else. A real meditative practice that he continues to practice today despite his smooth transition to the machine. Today Ubay uses fine lines to dive into the complementarities of shapes and colors but also the animal and botanical world with a look between realism and naivety.

Sophie Ung

Initially an author and illustrator through her training at the Beaux Arts de Valenciennes and then at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Sophie has always been passionate about the art of tattooing. She bought her first machine five years ago and participates in various events where she tattoos in public. Today she wishes to transpose her naive universe to tattooing and draw the lines that will illustrate your stories. Tattooing is an immense challenge and a magnificent vector of encounters between an artist and a person who has a story to tell.

Tatoueur Sophie Ung | Tattoo Studio Because | Bruxelles

Noémie Dion

En.poke, from her first name Noémie, is a Belgian artist specialized in handpoke tattoo. 

She has been drawing since her childhood and has recently become interested in the pointillism and minimalism that she puts into practice in her tattoos. She loves nature and cosmic elements; these elements can often be observed in her drawings.  Her style of tattoo advocates delicacy and grace, each dot of ink is applied consciously.  She chose the handpoke method, i.e. without machine, for its traditional and holistic side. Each handpoke tattoo is for her a kind of anchoring and meditation practice where only the present counts and where energies come gently to rebalance, and evils are freed from the lost illusions of our lives.  Handpoke tattoos heal faster than those done by machine and also hurt less.

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