Meet Our Team

Ready to jump? At “Tattoo Studio Because.”, you can rely on the entire team to guide and reassure if you should have any doubt or simply to answer your questions. Our goal is to provide you the best service in accordance with your desires and expectations.

Our two resident artists will be there to advise you, but of course the last word on the realization of your tattoo belongs to you. The latter remains a unique and a personal act, for that it’s justification belongs to you.

Do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with the world of our tattoo artists. Their books are available in our studio or you can discover them on our social networks.

Charlotte & Manon Ballestero


Welcome to Tattoo Studio Because., a unique concept in the heart of Brussels!

Dive into a delicate and refined world, take a breath of inspiration and let your creativity fly away! At Tattoo Studio Because., sharing is an essential element in the eyes of his two creators.

Passionate about the delicacy and beauty of art, the two sisters Charlotte & Manon wanted to imagine a vegan Tattoo Studio mixed with a concept store offering several products. These creations and new productions will evoluate over the seasons and their new meetings with the artists.

Ubay Martin

Tattoo Artist

I am a versatile visual artist. For three years, I have been applying the tattoo technique called ``handpoke``, heritage of ancestral tattooing cultures. This practice is known to reduce the feeling of pain. The absence of noise and machine make the session more relaxing. The sessions last a little longer but the skin heals faster. That's why I like this technique; By “sculpting” lines and dots on their skins, I share a little more time with my clients. I do not want to limit my art to any style as I use the best of each approach.

Josh Andrade

Tattoo Artist

Known as NegritoChiquitoInk, it's been 3 years since I devote myself entirely to tattooing. Over time, I took a closer look at the Neo Traditional Tattoo, a pretty colorful style that features flowers, animals, people or objects while modifying them in order to give another aspect of reality. Besides, I love to tattoo beautiful fine pieces, delicate, sometimes minimalist. I do not confine myself to any style. Let me see your project, we will work together until it will be in perfect harmony with your expectations.