Wooden bow ties

WOODSTAG offers a range of elegant, original and customizable accessories in recycled wood. The project is ecological, social and local. Bow ties, vintage card holders and cufflinks. This brand strives to design and manufacture all of its products 100% Belgian.

Organic cosmetics

AVRIL allows everyone to indulge themselves with quality cosmetic products while respecting the environment. This french certified organic and non-tested on animal brand offers a wide range of makeup, facial, body and hair cares at very democratic prices. You will not be able to resist to these little colorful bottles!

Louise Brodsky

Louise Brodsky,  a young contemporary Brussels artist since her young age. Talented and versatile, she has to her credit many paintings. She exhibits at the studio her collection “Live Models”. With Indian ink, she made a graphic research on the matter and the volume of the body.

Wooden decorations

PICTUREWOOD A simple concept that transforms photos into unique and original decorations by affixing them to a piece of wood. From mosaic cutting to Polaroid format, those images become a true work of art. By its size and adaptable format, PictureWood is the element of decoration that suits any place, private or professional. It is also the ideal gift for any type of occasion.

Heatilly Blanket
Vegan Blankets

Handmade vegan blankets by Heatilly. These blankets are the perfect recipe for a comfortable night. Share it with someone you love!

Wood It Yourself
Creative concept

« Wood It Yourself”,    a new creative concept designed from geometric pieces of wood created by the artist in 2017.Here is his own interpretation of this concept. Here, you can discover the two first collections.
Each of these creations brings a psychedelic side that allows everyone to see a multitude of different faces. From animals to humans faces, the viewer has to get out of his first overall impression in order to see all that his mind is invited to discover.

You would like to adopt one of them ?
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